what is floral design Make Your flowers last TWICE as long with this: https://amzn. Use large, dark flowers and house them in containers such as urns, tall vases or low baskets. Floral Design is based on fundamental principles which are applicable to all forms of art. Some of the different types of floral design pieces that can be made include bouquets, corsages, wreaths, and centerpieces. AIFD and its worldwide accredited members are in the forefront of the industry in presenting Floral Design Salaries by State. In the mid-19th century, the nosegay, or posy (a small bunch of mixed flowers), was much in fashion. The school offers progressive programs designed to cover the creative end of floral design as well as the business aspects of working as a florist or owning your own flower shop. In floral arranging, a pavé arrangement is one where the designer trims off leaves, cuts the stems fairly short and places the flower heads very closely together. ” Eleanor creates an abstract design - sphere of mums, heliconia hanging 'sexy pink' - container is part of design The floral design coursework available on Skillshare is going to be more appropriate for someone who is a hobbyist or for someone who already has the basic knowledge and wants to try out some new techniques. FLOOS is the first 100% online library of professional floral recipes, where the most influential master florists in the world explain how to create technically advanced floral compositions, step-by-step, with videos and photos. About Fiori Floral Design. The Art & History of Floral Design "This course is designed to acquaint the student with theories and principles of artistic design and allow the student to apply an artistic approach to floral design projects. Floral motifs were rendered using various surface design techniques, including katazome rice paste printing, shibori stitch-resist, and e-gasuri dyeing. Apr 12, 2019 - Explore S Gulledge's board "Pave Floral Design" on Pinterest. 0016 1404 3rd Street South Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 www. It’s an exciting time for floral design. Having various parts of the arrangement look as if they are meeting at different points makes the final product look disjointed. The design element that is important to you can dominate your floral arrangement, whether it’s wildflowers or your impressive mixed zinnia cutting garden. Lace was born from the desire to elaborate the edges of plain fabrics, whether of linen or heavier material. Adj. 2 Examine the concept of proportion. Think above and beyond for this floral design style. Uses for Pavé Arrangements Arranging flowers in the pavé style gives the finished design a lush, luxurious look. Flowers add to a dinner's ambience. Programs within this category are typically just a few hours in duration. So don't worry about 'doing it right. This more refers to the overall shape of the floral design. <br /> 3. When you are trying to create emphasis in a particular area of a design, it is the. Modern flower arrangements representing many contemporary floral schools including: sogetsu Ikebana, creative floral art, event flowers and garden club style are displayed. Such altering of foliage allows a common type of mass foliage, such as leather leaf, to have the Feb 24, 2021 - Creative floral designs from the members of OFAD, the Organization of Floral Art Designers. They should know how to combine different types of flowers to make a perfect arrangement. 3 Explain how the concept of balance is applied to floral design. floral designer, corporate events, home displays, flower arrangements. If you look at the design’s shape, you may notice that some arrangements possess triangular, circular, or rectangular shapes that also attract the eye though the way the design is composed and configured. They offer educational information and often, hands-on practice creating a floral arrangement. When San Francisco-based Flora Grubb decided to add cut flowers and floral design to her flourishing business, she turned to designer Susie Nadler who finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings -- a good fit, since "The Cutting Garden" uses only California-grown materials. floral design skills/training, and last, but not least, #3. A floral designer is a professional who uses plants and flowers to create arrangements for weddings, funerals, banquets, and other occasions. They work with all types of Floral design or flower arrangement is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a eye-catching and balanced composition. Put on a peaceful spirit and enjoy playing with the beautiful things that cover the ground. to/39phmOIInstagram: https://bit. Floral design during the Rococo period was influenced heavily by aesthetics in France whose goal was the conveyance of prettiness and charm. Flower arrangement is an art and a way of expressing creativity through flowers and foliage. You need a creative eye, artistry, and a love of working with people at some of the most emotional times of their lives to thrive in this position. Floral design programs at the certificate and associate's degree levels prepare students to arrange flowers for businesses and special events. Thread Floral Design Curriculum. I’ll cover the basic logic and methods of Floral Design 101. Floral design is an occupation that requires the combination of different skills. While you can have a lot of fun with props to create specific emotions, it is best to ensure that the piece works well with itself and you avoid over doing it. See full list on tesselaarflowers. Without knowing the underlying principles, one can never be an expert in his or her craft. Floral design involves creating designs and arranging different pieces using flowers and other types of plant material. The two work hand-in-hand to create a feel that looks "right" to the eye. Floral design like an umbrella using large green leaves: Floral design against a backdrop of geometric greenery: Start learning Ikebana from Moribana arrangement: Demand for floral arrangements will never end: Contemporary Ikebana with geometric greenery: Today's job is over. (You’ll start your arrangement by placing the strongest, thickest stems, and end with the most delicate. Floral arrangements were tighter, denser, and unlike the Renaissance and Baroque periods, height was emphasized over width. People wanted to get away from the harsh simplicity of the times. They use their sense of artistry and their knowledge of different types of flowers to choose the appropriate flowers for each occasion. Objective 1: Define floral design. au A floral designer arranges flowers in displays for a variety of special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and weddings. With the growing popularity of crafting and artisan disciplines, more people are coming to appreciate what it takes to create beautifully designed florals. I learned in flower shops. Floral designers may create a single arrangement for a special occasion or design floral displays for rooms and open spaces for large-scale functions, such as weddings, funerals, or banquets. The style must feature at least three parts of the plant material. Floral Design studio at Flora Grubb Gardens. Education and experience in floral design enables them to make the right decisions about color composition, cutting techniques, flower care, types of flowers, pricing and more. Every florist is a designer, and just like every designer in any kind of art, a set of principles has to be followed. Anchor tape and pan-melt glue function to secure the stem support material to the container of the Floral design. A design using flowers and foliages in all one color in various hues is. Floral design is about so much more than creatively arranging flowers. Sun Palms. If you let it, floral design can be part of a meditative journey of receiving yourself through nature and art. Each of the things that goes into creating a floral design, including color, form, fragrance, line, pattern, size, space, and texture. Let design be a meditative rather than methodical act. #1. A line drawn across the top of the design forms a half circle. Green floral foam has two purposes: to hold flowers in place in your design and to keep flowers hydrated for the life of the arrangement. -Costly between the floral foam and glue prices-Flowers can get ‘clogged’ up and not drink in the water-Many flowers do not like it at all, including stock and hydrangea. Your career options in floral design center around the setting in which you work, be it a small flower shop or a large flower wholesale company. Floral decoration - Floral decoration - Forms of floral decoration: Plant materials are customarily arranged in containers, woven into garlands, and worn or carried for personal adornment. flowers. For a floral designer, the idea is the first step. (a) Symmetrical. In terms of flower design, balance and proportion should be considered in flower selection, color and placement. floral - relating to or associated with flowers; "floral organs". Founded in 1969, Floral Design Institute is located in the heart of Portland, OR. 2,871 likes · 35 talking about this · 392 were here. Floral design is a rewarding and fun way to be creative with flowers and accessories. an understanding of industry standard markups and design fees, #2. Say hello to the new statement floral. a design technique in which branches of flowers are used around the perimeter of floral arrangement to direct attention to the materials in the center of the arrangement. com . The art of floral design takes a practice to perfect. A floral spray is an opaque paint that completely masks the flower color. They also help customers select flowers and containers, ribbons, and other accessories. 1. In graphic design, the digital and analogue worlds merge in an origami micro-trend. The principal most relevant to vases is proportion, including the height of flowers in a vase. A glitter spray contains glittery, metallic color. They work with customers to take orders for a wide variety of occasions or on-the-spot purchases. Now is the time to enjoy floral designs: Autumn leaves and pumpkin Design mechanics* are an important consideration in the design and construction of various types of floral arrangements. Becoming a Certified Floral Designer (CFD ®). Floral design is a difficult task. Mississippi is the lowest paying State for Floral Design jobs. Alternative Title: flower arrangement Floral decoration, art of arranging living or dried plant material for adornment of the body or home or as a part of public ceremonies, festivals, and religious rituals. It is defined as the art of organizing the Elements of Design according to the Principles of Design, to attain the Attributes of Design, which are Beauty, Harmony, Distinction, and Expression. Space is the essential design element that allows these novelty foliages to be noticed. A Botanical Rainbow. Design floral displays that evoke a particular sentiment or style Answer telephones, take orders, and wrap arrangements Floral designers may create a single arrangement for a specific purpose or multiple displays for special occasions, such as weddings or funerals. Not copying someone else’s bouquet but taking the pieces and parts of different looks, colors, flowers and design to create our brides bouquet . Anticipated Problem: What is floral design? I. If you are looking to start a career in floral design, consider one of the courses above. Form is based off of this overall shape and configuration of your floral design. It bears no resemblance to the Western design style of combining flowers in masses. Floral Fabrics in China In China, flowers were woven into stunning, brightly colored brocades or created in detailed embroideries. Topping everyone’s latest floral trends list is hot new colors. ly/2UlNxsSFacebook: https://bit. <br />People who arrange flowers typically use floral design techniques. About AIFD: Established in 1965, the American Institute of Floral Designers is, today, the floral industry’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to establishing, maintaining and recognizing the highest standard of professional floral design. See more ideas about floral design, floral, flower arrangements. What is Your Floral Design Theme? Having a theme for the flowers will help create a cohesive look that will promote a rhythm. Infact, many are inspired to draw in on nature to influence design in the sense of fashion, fabric, architecture and interior design. According to the Color Marketing Group, key colors for 2020 and beyond will be influenced by earth tones. '. Our floral design course will take you from building a toolkit to making basic then awe-inspiring arrangements to developing your online presence. These principles are the guidelines for the construction of flower arrangements, and no floral artist can excel until they have mastered them. ” Trendy Floral Arrangements. Victorian Period Floral Design (1830-1901 AD): Also known as the Romantic Period or Romantic Era, this period of design was named for the then-ruling Queen Victoria. Read on for more information about career options and employment settings in floral design. Students should look for programs accredited through This floral design has been planned using it and will be evaluated following its construction using the same design schema to assess the completed design. Balance and proportion are primary elements of all kinds of art and design. This type of design allows you to clip bits of this and that from the garden and end up with a cohesive design – thanks to the unifying color theme. Leicester, Leicestershire, design, corporate, exclusive A design using flowers and other nature elements such as seed pods, leaves, and marine plants. Flower arrangement is the combination of several elements to produce a visually pleasing display of fresh, silk, or dried flowers. Tall, massive oval shaped arrangements featured abundant flowers. The Floral Design Institute Basic Floral Design Online Program is the most complete and comprehensive online floral design training program in the world. There are many design schemas in existence, however, it is important to be aware of Professional Florists’ Design Analysis (Owen 2014) as this is widely supported by associations, teaching Similar to an ornate floral masterpiece, there are many facets to the Floral Design class at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. floral designer, corporate events, home displays, flower arrangements. flowers. In order to make your floral arrangements stand out, use proper embellishments to complete the look or design of your arrangement. “Abstract floral design: A contemporary design style in which plant material and other components are used for their intrinsic qualities of line, form, color, and texture. Floral Design Study is a series of six units in basic design and three units in advanced design. They can also arrange silk or dried flowers or other floral products to produce displays for retail and commercial use. A similar product to Parafilm is a paper based floral tape called Eco Paper which has the same properties but with a more natural look. In addition to flower arrangements, floral design includes making wreaths, nosegays, garlands, festoons, boutonnieres, corsages, and bows. They also confer with clients regarding price and type of arrangement desired and the date, time, and place of delivery. . In contemporary floral arrangements, altering the natural habit of the foliage is common to create unusual forms. Duties Floral designers typically do the following: Why Floral Tape? Floral tape or Parafilm is essential for wiring work. Contrast allows a feature of the floral design to stand out so that we are able to identify the focal point or the main feature of the floral arrangement. Before floral foam, the primary design mechanic used to hold stems in place was ______. The Eastern Design is based on Ikebana, which is the art of a floral design that makes the flowers appear as if they are still alive. of the design. Floral design is a rewarding and fun way to be creative with flowers and accessories. patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns) 2. It goes parallel with women’s fashion today and is ahead in its times for the young kid’s fashion. For the second part of the course, we’ll implement those principles in a Coffee Can Flower Tutorial. Floral arrangements morphed in style throughout the baroque period, which lasted from the late 16th century to the early 18th century. A design in which pavé techniques are used to create concentric rings of flowers arranged in a compact rounded or slightly conical shape. Although certification in floral design is voluntary, it indicates a measure of achievement and expertise. design element. Floral design. They offer educational information and often, hands-on practice creating a floral arrangement. Another common term is floral arranging. Learn the Basics of Floral Design Floral designers work in florist shops, grocery stores and other stores that have floral departments. Because the mound does not have a focal point, size rhythm (placing small flowers farther from the focal point and large flowers near the focal point area) is not used in this design. Floral crafting and design is an extension of your own creativity, and should be viewed as your own interpretation being presented for all to enjoy. It covers wire and makes stems look neat whilst preventing moisture loss. Example(s) of Floral Design Floral designs created with Artlandia SymmetryWorks. Pillowing the tight positioning of flower cluster at the base of an arrangement forming rounded hills. 246. Flowers are usually arranged in several basic designs, including vertical, horizontal, triangular, crescent, and oval arrangements. As in any craft, there are methods of construction in floral design that make your ideas come to life. If there is a lack of understanding in either the principles or elements of floral design, then your design won’t appear appealing or energetic. Programs within this category are typically just a few hours in duration. Floral lace was used to decorate garments in the middle ages (the 15th century). Floral designers, also called florists, create floral arrangements for a number of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and holidays. There are three ways to become an internationally recognized Certified Floral Designer: Attend and successfully complete the appropriate floral design education programs at an AIFD® Education Partner, approved State Floral Association or SAIFD Chapter and then pass the PFDE ® online test. My cooperating teacher is great but has taught this too long to have any written materials still. With an opportunity to see your creative side flourish, work closely with clients to design flower arrangements, and watch your career confidence bloom, there’s no better time than now to get started. Floral design is a trend for 2021. They should appear to radiate from one point with the mound forming a sphere. uniquely her for her wedding day. What is the average annual salary for a Floral Design job by State? See how much a Floral Design job pays hourly by State. Nature’s stems, buds, petals and leaves make up the Floral Color Wheel. Floral sprays and tints are materials used to change the natural colors of flowers to match fabric colors. flower care knowledge! Ideally, you’ll get this training in some sort of hands-on environment. 1. Along with learning how to turn stems of roses, bunches of lilies, and spatters of greenery into art, Huskers are getting a sprig of history, a sprinkle of entrepreneurship and a spray of supply chain management. com. G. Fiori has been Seattle's upscale alternative to traditional flower shops since 1995. has provided its members the opportunity to learn the art through Floral Design Study. A Beginner’s Guide To The Principles of Floral Design. They may work with fresh flowers and plants. design principle. 904. Balance in Floral Arrangements Floral design offers the opportunity to break out of the hectic pace of everyday life and to devote oneself to the creative process of a handcrafted piece. Anytime flowers and foliage are placed in a container, the result is considered a floral arrangement. The style was originally introduced as an exhibition category by the National Garden Clubs Inc. The group, a leading international association of color design professionals, predicts each area of Nature in its truest and innate sense provides the ultimate backdrop of contemporary floral design. Flower bouquets that are carried include the nosegay and corsage. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with at least 4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Often the terms "floral design" and "floristry" are considered synonymous. No well-dressed Victorian lady appeared 2. Floral designers, or florists, create stunning flower arrangements. When professional floral designers use the term design techniques, they’re referring to the methods used to assemble or construct an arrangement’s individual parts. A material that absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment; often used to accelerate or aid the drying of floral material. It has rose pink and black design floral dress with a stylish neck and sleeve line. Floral design is the art of organizing the design elements inherent in plant materials and ac-cessories according to principles of design art. flowered. Being a Floral Designer is familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. (c) Complementary. You read that right. Good floral arrangements follow basic principals of design, including focal point, balance, proportion, rhythm and harmony. This event builds skills that are important to careers in greenhouse and field production management, garden center and floral shop management and floral design management. . Assess your flowers and greenery and arrange them into four groups. Leicester, Leicestershire, design, corporate, exclusive About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Liz Stewart Floral Design, Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Our program will provide all of the training necessary for a professional floral design career position, or to allow you to launch your own floral business. (b) Monochromatic. People who arrange flowers typically use floral design techniques. 3. Kate Asire Flowers is a boutique floral studio joyfully dedicated to delivering the most exquisite blooms to couples on their wedding day. Our course introduces you to traditional and modern techniques that will allow you to design and create your own fresh floral table centrepieces, installation pieces, bridal bouquets, as well as ideas on how to use flowers in other decorative ways in an event. Wire Gauges Traditional western floral design dictated that the composition be symmetrical, or balanced. ium. Floral Design Curriculum I will be student teaching soon and I am in need of floral design curriculum. This is the direction in which people are longing nowadays. Floral design by Supposey. Our cutting edge 5-day Workshop Curriculum will teach you how to create profitable floral designs that will propel your event business to the next level! See more: Interior design trends 2021 – what's hot this year The experts at Serenata Flowers and Bloom & Wild have shared their predictions for the hottest floral trends 2021, and the good news is there’s going to be something to please everyone. Some theme ideas could be smooth and flowing, broken up and rustic, abstract/modern with spacing, or traditional and simple. Evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of ancient Egypt. ) Oriental floral design is truly an art form, based on a linear style. In floral design lingo, the chicken wire and tape are your “mechanics,” Sammy says: You’re creating a grid in which your flowers can nestle. A floral designer or a florist should be a person who is creative. (d) Tetradic. Our floral artistry graces the homes, events and offices of discriminating individuals and businesses. They typically design arrangements for weddings, parties and other special events. These fan-shaped palms are naturally a light beige but can be dyed Floral Designer designs and fashions live, cut, dried, and artificial floral and foliar arrangements for a variety of events. Characteristics: Biedermeier style originated in Austria and Germany during post-war years of 1815 to 1848 and A Floral Designer is an artist that uses plant materials and flowers to create pleasing and balanced compositions. We're predicting that sun palms (the bright orange and pink leaves pictured here) will be one of the top 2021 wedding flower trends, whether you're going for a bohemian look or something more tropical. Foam free floral design is a sustainble wedding trend that's reducing the floral industry's carbon footprint while pushing creativity and beautiful flowers. lizflowers. Use a mix of any type of flower, from tropical to garden. Floral design or floral arts is the art of creating flower arrangements in vases, bowls, baskets, or other containers, or making bouquets and compositions from cut flowers, foliages, herbs, ornamental grasses, and other plant materials. Other tasks include: Select flora and foliage for arrangements, working with numerous combinations to synthesize and develop new creations. 32. The floral print is quite attractive for kids too, and they would surely love it. Floral design is a method of using fresh flowers as a key resource in your event styling. <br />This is sometimes called floral arranging. For the first half of the course, I will be teaching you 7 Essential Floral Design Principles. Floral designers use a creative eye to compose arrangements of cut flowers for special occasions as well as home or office decoration. C. 3. Floral designing is an art, and however effortless a good florist makes their work appear, trust us when we say it is not. Similar to the dominance, contrast can be applied to many design elements such as forms, colours, sizes and textures of the flowers and foliage. Gentle Whisper Regular is a modern calligraphy font. Blending Japanese-influenced design with floral subjects, digital artists are looking to the simple forms of flowers to inform ultra-minimal, geometric designs for posters, brands, and websites. floral - resembling or made of or suggestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design". It’s also perfect for wedding design projects, invitations, signatures, logos, titles, and will make up stunning pairing with Gentle Whisper Floral. Improved transportation led to the inclusion of a larger variety of plant materials. Prepping 95 lomey dishes with floral foam: Glue pan with pellets melting: The finished design, a little bit of foam goes a long way in creating a good sized centerpiece: iWED Floral Design: Master the Art and Business of Event Floral Design Classes in just 5 days. Even the hand-gathered whimsical bouquets that look like they were plucked from a garden are carefully constructed using the principles of floral design. It is becoming more and more important for us to recharge our batteries and consciously take time out. The American Institute of Floral Designers offers a Certified Floral Designer certification. In addition to that, texture and architectural charm are highly desired in floral design, which means a skilled designer is needed. Floral Designers design, cut, and arrange live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage. (a) Achromatic. With the objective to develop a unified understanding of the art of flower arranging, F. The New York Institute of Art and Design’s course on Floral Design is comprehensive, up to date, and gorgeous. principles of design, the next step is to learn the techniques of floral design. The field can provide satisfaction to creative people with an eye for design, but it has numerous pitfalls to consider as well. Floral designers, also called florists, arrange live, dried, and silk flowers and greenery to make decorative displays. Before you insert flower stems into this foam, you must hydrate if for approximately two hours in a prepared solution of water and flower food. Switch to new thesaurus. Its flower typography is ideal for your wedding monograms and logos. Live or dried flowers and plants can be used to create floral pieces. other floral materials in a design. In floral design, the goal is typically to have all elements appear to be arranged around a single axis. Baroque Floral Design (1600-1700 AD): This style of floral design, popular in Europe during the 1600’s, focuses on S-curve lines, embellished scrolls, and large amounts of ornamentation. My work is delicate, textural and utterly romantic, reflecting both the surrounding environment and the style and personality of our couples. Hawaii is the highest paying state for Floral Design jobs. ' Dare to create floral art in your own special way. Add a Focal Point Most mixed flower arrangements employ a focal point, which is usually a stunning large or unusual bloom or blossom cluster that draws the eye. F. A flo-ral tint is a translucent paint that allows some of the flower color to show. I myself come from a graphic design background and I truly believe understanding the principles of good design helps me in all aspects of my life, for example de-cluttering my house, enjoying things that are aesthetically pleasing, and much more. Floral design or flower arrangement is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create an eye-catching and balanced composition or display. See related links to what you are looking for. Their designs tend to be unique, one-of-a-kind creations and, depending on the designer you work with, they tend to be very collaborative throughout Presented by FTD Education Consultant Tina Coker AIFDFTD's How-To Video Series provides invaluable floral business and design tips to help grow your local bu What are the principles of floral design?<br />Floral design is the art of organizing the design elements inherent in plant materials and accessories according to principles of design art. Early Baroque designs were influenced by artists, as flower arranging had not yet been established as an art form. Patty's Floral Designs specializes in custom contemporary Euro Asian design with flowers flown in from all over the world: We will dazzle your special someone with our exotic tropicals, contemporary and traditional arrangements, High-style floral arrangements Weddings and Funeral designs ,Fruit and Goodie baskets Floral Design Study Materials 1617 Area Floral Design ID : 1516 State Floral Design ID: 1718 South Region Floral Design Plant ID: 18 State Floral Design Jr ID: 18 Graphic Design and Illustration: Origami Flowers and Floral Type. ly/390MqDUMy In-person Course: Problem Area: Floral Design Lesson: Understanding the Principles of Floral Design Student Learning Objectives. The Design concept may be 'an abstract idea. Professionally designed floral designs, arrangements or artwork incorporate the elements of floral design: line, form, space, texture, and color, and the principles of floral design: balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony, and unity. Floral Art, Flower Arranging and Floral Design are synonymous terms used to refer to the art form in which plant material is a required med. Whether it is the ribbon and ornamental pin finish on the stems of a floral bouquet, or a raffia wrapping around the base of an urn for a woodland display, these finishing touches mark the difference between a The Botanical Style of floral design is a late 20th century American design concept. Designing for us is creating a beautiful floral with the color, content texture and cost in mind. If you want to become a floral designer, there is no requirement for education beyond high school; however, some floral designers attend training programs or earn formal degrees in floral design, such as an Associate of Applied Science in Floral Design. To become certified, a floral designer must demonstrate a grasp of floral design knowledge gained through work experience or education. This could be stems, leaves, buds, blossoms, roots, seeds, and bulbs. Students who excel show a well-rounded knowledge of horticulture, the cultivation of flowe Floral Design Istitute. Stem support materials such as floral foam are necessary to secure flower stems in an arrangement and hold them in place. And, it 's the plan behind an arrangement; it gives the design its shape, depth, meaning, colours, textures, the choice of materials, how its made and techniques to be used. Instruction in this lesson should result in students achieving the following objectives: 1 Analyze the principles of floral design. As a Floral Designer, you can work for a floral shop, wedding and party planners, in professional nurseries, or even start your own business. But for special occasions or if you want to express your artistic nature, a more structured flower arrangement may be needed. In time, you will learn to trust and listen to your creative urgings. However back to the basic and fundamental definition of Contemporary Floral Design is the artistic expression of how flowers are arranged and “accessorized The wire layer help keep fresh floral foam blocks from splitting when the thick stems are inserted. Gentle Whisper Floral is an elegant, decorative, feminine font. what is floral design